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Huntsville Office

Located at 2402 Sam Houston Avenue, near Sam Houston State University.

The city of Huntsville has a very strong and proud history. The same is true of the building where Copeland Family Dental is located. The building was built in the ’60’s and renovated into a one of a kind dental office with custom designed cabinetry and an indoor atrium. It has served the Huntsville community as a dental office ever since. It is conveniently located near the historic downtown area of Huntsville and very close to Sam Houston State University.

Dr. Tye Copeland entered the dental scene in Huntsville after he and his business partners, Dr. Preston Cutbirth and Dr. Jonathan Sanderson purchased the unique building. Dr. Copeland grew up in a family with a very strong work ethic and it shows in the way he has worked to serve the Huntsville community since opening Copeland Family Dental.

Dr. Copeland and his wife Dorothy have two boys, Cullen and Carter. After moving to the Huntsville area their family have naturally become part of the Huntsville family. They are actively involved in the community from church activities to sponsoring the local little league team when they went to the playoffs.

Anybody who visits the office will be greeted in the traditional, warm friendly Huntsville way. From the moment you enter the front door until your treatment is complete we guarantee you will feel welcomed and comfortable.



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